Archcathedral of Lodz

Located in Lodz at 265 Piotrkowska Street and built at the beginning of the 20th century, the cathedral church of St. Stanislaw Kostka is the most beautiful church in Lodz and one of the most beautiful temples in Poland. This is the neo-Gothic basilica with soaring towers, high windows with stained glass, pointed arches above the windows, and rib-vaults.

Photographing the interior of the basilica is a pure pleasure. I love symmetry, which is practically everywhere here: symmetrical naves, symmetrical vault arches, symmetrical columns, I see symmetry in the structure of organs as well. Could it also become the rule that, when photographing churches, I get to concerts? Previously it was in St. Etienne in Paris, and now it is in the archcathedral of Lodz.