Silesian Beskids: Wisla Czarne -> Barania peak

The middle June is not the season peak yet, so even though I arrived in Wisla Czarne at pretty late 10 am, I easily found a parking space. At the season peak, however, there may be many tourists here, so if you plan to come for a one day hike in the middle summer, better come in the early morning.

The first section of the blue trail to the Barania peak is led through a narrow asphalt road. Although this trail section runs along the Biala Wiselka stream, which is one of the source streams of the biggest Polish river Wisla, the walk along the road turned out to be tedious. Only when the route turned right over the bridge did the right approach begun. From here, the trail along its entire length was led along stony and rooty paths. Time and time again, the streams were crossing the trail. In some places the streams basically flowed along the trail. On the day of my hike it was hot, thus the almost ice-cold streams crossing the trail were a great way to cool quickly.
During the approach it was worth stopping at the Kaskady Rodla waterfall. Another interesting place was the viewpoint located at a height of just over 1050 meters. It is a spot with good visibility to the mountain ranges surrounding the Wisla city. I spent several minutes there.
I finished climbing the summit a little over three hours after leaving the parking lot. From the summit of Barania Gora in the north you could see Skrzyczne peak, and Babia peak towards the east. On the southern side over the Polish-Slovak border a storm was raging, so the air in this direction was not very transparent. The storm itself unfortunately turned out to be extremely unphotogenic, but luckily completely safe: for a long time I was observing the storm on the weather radar, and saw it would not hit where I was. Apparently, mobile with a good weather app is extremely useful in the mountains!
Returning along the blue trail to the Wisla city was a breeze, because no part of the trail was steep. The last section of the asphalt road was boring again, but for variety I found a nice restaurant where I could have a lunch and a rest.

The route length was 14.7 km, the total ascent was 698 m. At the end of the day my pedometer displayed 25000+. The map is here.
The thumbnails below are tagged with the GPS coordinates, you may check where they were taken.