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3rd party photography tutorials and inspirations worth seeing.

How a TV works

See how the picture you are watching right now is generated. By The Slow Mo Guys.

Eye vs Camera

Eye vs Camera explained by Michael Mauser.

Rolling Shutter Effect

Rolling Shutter Effect explained. Be Smarter Every Day.

Fastest lens possible

What is the fastest lens possible?

Cheap camera challenge

Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge - Joel Marklund & Marcel Laemmerhirt.

Eye resolution

What resolution your eye is? Vsauce answers.

Black and white points

Black and white points. What they are and why it is worth to understand that. By Tony Northrup.


Megapixels: do you need more? Tony Northrup.

Shutter in slow motion

How shutter works and where rolling shutter effect comes from. By The Slow Mo Guys.

Biggest mobile camera

Van as a giant camera. Made by Shaun Irving.

Camera manufacturing process

How FujiFilm camera is being made. Video by Fujifilm.

Crop factor, ISO and aperture

The truth about ISO sensivity, crop factor and aperture. By Tony Northrup.


Trillion frames per seconds. Ramesh Raksar.

Focus breathing

What focus breathing is. Video by Matt Granger.

Lens design

Very interesting interview with Zeiss eng Dr Hubert Nasse. By Matt Granger.

Levitation photography

Tips by DigitalRev TV.